Draco Taiko

Draco Taiko is a group formed by 12 people from Zen Sangha of the Lotus Foundation. Its story begins at a Zen meditation retreat where, besides the practices of Sumie, Shodo and Zazen, it was decided to introduce Taiko (first playing with big plastic olive jars) as a form of contemplative art and to stimulate the participants, so they would not get sleepy during meditation. Such was the success that a week later David Urgeles, current director of the Lotus Blau Foundation, opened inscriptions for those who were interested in forming a group. There were 13 people and Draco Taiko came true.

And how to learn the technique? In the area of Barcelona there was no instruction available, so we had to resort to reading and learning through the internet to know about procedure and history. In this way, little by little, we made our way, developing ourselves; we started to roll. We started up using plastic jars and basic percussion exercises. Four months later we had the 16 Taikos of the group. Then we met Isabel Romeo from whom we received instruction and an initial help, and with whom we continue to maintain a close relationship as a teacher and co-operator of the Draco project. We were also helped by the tutorials on the Kadon website and the fact that some of the members of Draco have a musical background. And later came the courses in Japan with Masaki Kurumaya Sensei. However, taiko is not just playing a drum…

Why Taiko? Because it is part of the Zen Sangha practice of the Lotus Foundation. Because it helps us connect with ourselves, with what is deepest in our lives, with nature and because it is a form of introspection and personal work. Because it makes people feel alive, it’s fun and gives vitality; because it gives the opportunity to be intimate with other people, to share, to spread some values, to protest against injustices; for greater awareness…

At present, the Taiko has become a very important activity of the Lotus Foundation.

All the funds raised by Draco Taiko are entirely intended for the Lotus Blau Foundation, with the exception of the expenses implied in each performance.

Why Draco? Because it is a Latin name, language rooted in the Iberian Peninsula, where we are from. Because the dragon is a local and international emblem. Because it links east and west. For its mythological meaning. For being fierce and warm at the same time. Because it is the symbol of wisdom and strength. Because a dragon is always willing to help.

Good moments with Isabel at a workshop 😉

taiko en España

… and the courses with Masaki Kurumaya Sensei in Japan

DRACO TAIKO, the Taiko group of the Lotus Blau Foundation, wins the First Prize of the animation groups of the Barcelona Marathon 2018!

On 2018 Draco Taiko was released in the animation to the runners of the Barcelona Marathon. Its 12 components marked the rhythm of the 4 hours that the Marathon lasted. Non-stop. With all his heart and passion.
On May 30, Zurich awarded the First Prize to Draco Taiko unanimously in the voting, among 42 participating music groups.
Draco Taiko trials every week and doesn’t stop preparing new performances.

Taiko Barcelona