Taiko classes

Draco Taiko opened the first Taiko school in Catalonia in 2018. We offer Taiko classes for all ages. You do no need to have musical experience to start playing the Taiko. Taiko classes have a pretty physical challenge, so if you try to come, get ready to work mentally and physically!

To join the classes call 93 790 23 21 or write to info@dracotaiko.org

The practice of Taiko brings many benefits to those who practice it! PDF Benefits of playing Taiko


Monday from 8.15 to 9.30 pm

Tuesday from 7.30 to 9 pm


Taiko private lessons. Schedules to be arranged at info@dracotaiko.org or 93 790 23 21


Price of the classes:

  • Adults 1 class a week – 60€ a month
  • Adults 2 classes a week – 85€ a month
  • Kids: 45€ a month (1 class a week)
  • Private lessons 50€ per class

*There is an annual membership fee of € 25 which is for the benefit of the social projects of the Lotus Blau Foundation. Only for monthly payments.

Taiko is a dynamic art form based on traditional Japanese percussion and practiced everywhere. One of the aspects that define the Taiko is the way of touching it so dynamic. Taiko is an instrument that is played with quite intensity, and it is often done with choreographies that can resemble Japanese martial arts.

There are about 8,000 Taiko groups in Japan, and in the last 30 years this art has rooted strongly in the western world.

When we play the Taiko, this is not only used as a tool for music, but we are looking for a connection between the drum and us through 4 principles:


The essential mental predisposition to be able to touch the Taiko. Respect and discipline are one of the most important premises to keep in mind. The Taiko group will play under these premises that include respect for oneself, the other components of the group, the instruments, the space where it is played, the story, the audience … The discipline applied to the body and the mind as based on artistic competence.


It refers to physical work while we play. It’s the choreography, the visual aspect that gives the physical form while we play. It’s the way sound sounds visual.
Musical technique: totally linked to Kata, the Musical Technique integrates movement and sound. It includes all the way: how do we take the batchi, how to chop the Taiko, the coordination of movements to produce the sound consistent and desired.

Music technique:

Fully linked to Kata, the Music Technique integrates movement and sound. It includes the whole form: how we take the drum, the way to chop the Taiko, the coordination of movements to produce the consistent and desired sound.


This is the energy that flows through all things. It is said that it is the way we get to be one with the Taiko, with the components of the group and even with the audience. We put energy in the Taikos when we build them and when we play them, we send them to the audience. This makes Taiko a very exciting practice!