Draco Taiko has different influences and among them is the Hokuriku style taught by Kurumaia Sensei of Fukui, but Draco Taiko does not adhere strictly to any known stiles. This is because Draco lives in the Iberian peninsula where the culture and the way of understanding the world is different than in Japan, and because of this local culture arises a more Mediterranean approach to playing Taiko.

Draco Taiko seeks to promote courage and motivation to help face complex life situations to its students, in the same way that taikos and other types of drums have served in the past to inspire and motivate the warriors on the battlefield. That is why Draco Taiko stile  tends to be of a certain intensity, and has a certain physical demand.

Located within the social benefit organization NGO Fundació Lotus Blau, Draco Taiko carries in its heart the spirit of social service. All its members yield the profits of the performances in their entirety to the Foundation, which for 20 years has carried out its social projects  for the benefit of the elder, cáncer patients and at risk youth as well as the environment. Draco Taiko also promotes self awareness through the practice of Taiko taking into account the Soto/Rinzai schools Zen practice. Draco opened the first Taiko school in Catalonia. As a contemplative art form, the student can face issues such as personal fears, emotional openness, cooperation and connection with others, contentment, vibrate with life, tolerance, trust and being one with everything .

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